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The Indian logistics industry is evolving and expected to grow at a CAGR between 10-12% to reach 380 billion dollars in 2025. Thanks to the thriving eCommerce sector and various government initiatives, such as PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan, National Logistics Policy, Multi-Modal Logistics Parks (MMLPs) policy, retail logistics software etc. The assumptions that are made to obtain the statistics and data elements are cross-checked by interviewing managers over F2F discussions as well as over phone calls. Exhaustive interviews of the industry experts and decision makers of the esteemed organizations are taken to validate the findings of our experts.

retail logistics software

Logistics software companies in India offer AI-powered logistics solutions that allow courier service providers to guarantee on-time deliveries while saving significantly on cost and time. Such solutions automate the first, middle, and last mile deliveries while ensuring end-to-end courier visibility. Our solutions aim at striking a perfect balance between long sourcing cycles and short sales cycles, manage the demand fluctuations, and synchronize your internal operations.

Functions of the retail logistics system

To fulfill orders, your products must be received and processed from the supplier. Incoming eCommerce goods are unloaded and formally checked in, after which it is properly documented and stored. It not only promotes effectiveness and expedites the fulfillment process but it also guarantees that what is received corresponds to what was purchased. A lack of clear protocols can easily result in loss, which has an effect on both your customers and your bottom line.

There are many examples of how 3PL Dynamics allows you to run your process more smoothly. Anything from customizing different pallet types per delivery address to number of articles, batches, or THT on a single pallet and deviant delivery requirements during actions/promotions per order and more. India has a highly dynamic last mile delivery landscape which is set for promising growth as well. With surging online shopping and on-demand deliveries, last mile automation has become inevitable. Our market research experts offer both short-term (econometric models) and long-term analysis (technology market model) of the market in the same report. This way, the clients can achieve all their goals along with jumping on the emerging opportunities.

Exploratory data mining

While handling the inflow and export of goods, a considerable number of pallets may accumulate, occupying valuable storage space. However, by integrating with pallet pool organizations like CHEP, you gain a simple solution to effectively manage and monitor pallets. This integration facilitates automatic tracking and enables seamless determination of settlement, exchange, or the addition of pallets to the pool.

  • Another significant trend that is having an impact on retail logistics is embedded integration technology, as logistics providers are realizing the necessity for reliable and seamless data sharing with customers.
  • Tailor your services to meet the unique needs of your retail customers with 3PL Dynamics.
  • Download our technical solutions brochures and whitepapers to discover how AMCS can help grow your business and improve operational efficiency.
  • It also has a native application for drivers that provides suggestions for the delivery route through route optimization for faster delivery services.
  • With our comprehensive support, you can effortlessly adapt to any flow your retail logistics operation requires.
  • Customers consider factors such as whether the item is identical in quality, the cost of the item at each retailer, and how convenient it is to shop at the different retailers.

In this blog, we will take a look at retail logistics, its advantages, and how retail and logistics management can be improved. Top logistics management solutions provided by reliable logistics software providers in India include features such as advanced geocoding, automated route planning and returns management, COD reconciliation, and more. The logistics solution ensures a 28% decrease in customer complaints, a 45% reduction in customer onboarding time, a 12% decrease in the mid-mile costs, a 23% decrease in last-mile delivery costs, and more. Logistics management software for manufacturers empowers them to optimize logistics and supply chain operations and bring end-to-end visibility with real-time shipment tracking. It offers useful insights to spot potential operational inefficiencies and loopholes to make informed decisions.

Scalable Lower Cost Solutions

Delivery Routing Integrations with technology partners include DispatchTrack,, Descartes, Esri, and Omnitracs. Communicate GPS routes and updates to drivers on the road and allow customers to track deliveries. With STORIS, seamlessly drop ship products sold in-store and on your eCommerce website, as well as parts needed for in-home service orders. Automatically generate a Purchase Order that includes product and customer details needed for the vendor to fulfill and deliver the order. Retailers can import tracking numbers from the vendor, manually, or via EDI to email customers notifications on deliveries.

retail logistics software

In order to achieve customer expectations for quick, economical delivery, every step of the logistics process should be streamlined. The software automates core logistics operations to ensure the safe, timely, and cost-efficient movement of goods from one location to another. Shipsy’s logistics management platform has a user-friendly interface, which means one doesn’t require any specific training to use the software and access its key features for smooth logistics management. Such solutions have top-notch features, such as automatic driver allocation, multiple payment options, smart order clubbing, real-time order tracking, route optimization, and automated incentive disbursal.

L Dynamics, the way to support your retail logistic services

The Covid-19 pandemic shook global supply chains to their core, and they have not yet fully recovered. When consumer confidence varies widely from month-to-month, it is difficult for businesses to plan. Retail management software is technology that helps business owners drive more sales with applications that include point of sale features, inventory management, retail customer relationship management and more. These solutions often include hardware for payment terminals and can support mobile devices. GSMTasks is a fleet management platform that optimizes and manages the entire fleet of drivers, couriers, and technicians. GSMTasks provides a last mile delivery software to businesses requiring any kind of delivery service as well as cater to customized shipping solutions as required.

retail logistics software

This phase is the final step of our retail logistics software development process. Here,
we present logistics and inventory management software designed for the customer. A seamless and uniform experience across channels, including online, mobile and in-person, is what savvy customers are starting to demand from their favourite companies as they move toward omnichannel retail logistics experiences. The omnichannel strategy, for instance, allows customers to return items they have purchased online to any brick-and-mortar store, regardless of where they originally bought them. Retail logistics can become very challenging for businesses that segregate their online inventory from their in-store goods, especially if their distribution hubs are spread out throughout the country.

Our Services

You can view the order’s status in real-time as it goes through each stage, from processing to shipment and everything in between. Empower your customers to receive unparalleled levels of customer service by incorporating reverse logistics into your portfolio. Enhance your services with comprehensive return management, backorder handling, and the automated linking of signed CMR documents. Display all pertinent information on the web portal, ensuring easy access for customers, or effortlessly share essential details through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). To further enhance efficiency, our system ensures that order pickers receive clear instructions on which goods to pick. Their devices automatically display these instructions, streamlining the picking process and minimizing errors.

retail logistics software

We provide project-based software development and support for specific requirements to complete end-to-end software solution development. Scalefusion allows you to maximize your last mile delivery operations by enhancing order processing, improving customer service, and simplifying device management through their clutter-free dashboard. Blockchain technology works well with all the trackers, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, and automation that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices embedded in products and packing enable businesses to track and monitor inventory and freight. IoT allows supply chain managers to guarantee inventory accuracy while customers and suppliers have access to real-time records.

Integration with third-party systems

The booming healthcare and telecommunication & IT industry in North America help to grow the logistics software demand in North America. The Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market due to the increasing industrialization and digitalization in emerging countries like India and Japan. Data analytics will help businesses in supply chain visibility, deciding the best route, and predictive analysis for better efficiency. When you choose , you get more than an industry-trusted retail software solution.

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